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List of some good website to register yourself as freelancer!

Freelancer.comupwork.comcraigslist.orgFreelanceindia.com99designs.comHowever there are many more options avaliable like & ifreelance.Keep sharing with others!

How to protect against Ransomware

Keep your computer/mobile updatedUpdate all software & apps frequentlyDo not click on unknown email & linksIf you are not sure copy link & paste directly in browserUse antivirus & update it regularly Share this post to update your friends!

Part Time jobs for students

Tutor- Easily find some tutions &earn money by contributing for community developmentCab Driver- Register with cab companies & earn a lot of money in flexible hours. Seems like a small job but gives best resultsWeb Developer- Got some HTML skills in college, implement it & get some revenue, register on site like & start earning.Content writer- Okay you got 10/10 in essays right? So wright for others & get payment at home for writing article & blogs like this. Social Media Influencer- Spend a lot of time on Social Media & made lot of followers? Monitize it dear!Fitness trainer- Hmmm busy in gym, made a good body, help others & dont forget to make money.Travel Advisor- Not interested in all above, no problem pack your bag with other & make money.
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World's famous universities for Engeneering & Technology

MITStanford UniversityUniversity of CambridgeNational University of SingaporeSwiss Federal Institute of TechnologyUniversity of CaliforniaImperial College LondonNanyang Technological UniversityHarvard UniversityUniversity of Oxford