Part Time jobs for students

  1. Tutor- Easily find some tutions &earn money by contributing for community development
  2. Cab Driver- Register with cab companies & earn a lot of money in flexible hours. Seems like a small job but gives best results
  3. Web Developer- Got some HTML skills in college, implement it & get some revenue, register on site like & start earning.
  4. Content writer- Okay you got 10/10 in essays right? So wright for others & get payment at home for writing article & blogs like this. 
  5. Social Media Influencer- Spend a lot of time on Social Media & made lot of followers? Monitize it dear!
  6. Fitness trainer- Hmmm busy in gym, made a good body, help others & dont forget to make money.
  7. Travel Advisor- Not interested in all above, no problem pack your bag with other & make money.

Liked it, share with others. Made some money, share with poors!


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