Three quick ways to raise your visibility on LinkedIn

Three quick ways to raise your visibility:
1.) Update your LinkedIn profile with all of your 2017 achievements, honors and training. Also, link to any relevant PR mentions or articles from the past year.
2.) Optimise your LinkedIn profile with the keywords and phrases recruiters look for. Not sure what those keywords are? Read postings for jobs in your target market and note the key buzzwords and phrases. Then integrate that language into your LinkedIn headline, Summary and Experiences sections.
3.) Activate your LinkedIn "Open Candidate" signal to privately alert recruiters that you're open to opportunities (LinkedIn hides the signal from recruiters at your employer, as well as affiliated recruiters). According to LinkedIn, simply activating this feature makes you twice as likely to receive relevant messages from recruiters. To activate the signal, go to the Jobs section of your LinkedIn profile, click on Career Interests and turn-on the "Let recruiters know you're open" signal at the top of the page.


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