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Universities for engineering degrees

According to a recent study, following are some best places to study engineering

1. Stanford University

Stanford University's School of Engineering has been at the cutting edge of new technology and innovation for the past century.
There are nine departments in the school, and additional institutes, laboratories and research centres.

2. California Institute of Technology

Three of the six academic divisions at Caltech teach and research engineering and technology subjects: the biology and biological engineering division, the chemistry and chemical engineering division, and the engineering and applied science division.
Both teaching and research is fairly cross-disciplinary. Undergraduates declare a major at the end of their first year.

3. University of Oxford

For undergraduates, this will be a four-year course in engineering science or more specifically biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, information engineering or mechanical engineering.
Just under half of all applicants for these courses get through to the interview round and 15 per cent secure a place on a course.
Many Oxford engineering graduates go on to careers as professional engineers, although some enter business, consultancy or further study.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Since 1861, the School of Engineering at MIT has produced a stream of products and new technologies to solve engineering problems.
In the past few years, the school has increased its focus on innovation, launching the MIT Innovation Initiative. Research associated with the initiative has led to 60 US patents licensed by multinational companies.
Another parallel initiative provides students with educational experiences, mentoring and funding to encourage their creativity and support their projects.
Laboratories and departments in the school produce a range of research, from insights on food security to soldier nanotechnology.

5. University of Cambridge

At the University of Cambridge, students can specialise in a full range of engineering topics, including instrumentation, sustainability and aerothermal engineering.
Unlike some UK courses, the programme allows flexible study options to combine various topics.
All colleges in Cambridge accept engineering applicants, but some colleges prefer students to take a year out before applying.
There are seven applications per place but the course overall is fairly large, with more than 300 students enrolled in any one year

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